“New” Stones

Nobody gives a shit about new Rolling Stones material at this point, so when they released “Doom And Gloom”–one of two new songs from their 287th greatest hits collection, the bizarrely-titled GRRR!!–as a single yesterday, it’s clear that when writing and recording it, they figured no one would care if, in lieu of coming up with a new chorus, they just plugged the “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” chorus in there and went to town. It would appear they were correct in this assumption.

Me, I think the new track rocks pretty nicely, but what do I know.

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  1. victoid wrote:

    “Eatin’ dirt and livin’ on the side of the road”?! They’re baack! The real Stones have been raised from the dead to again strut upon the earth, praise be to God. Makes ya wonder just who those diminished pretenders masquerading as the Stones for the past twenty years were. Anyway, good riddance!
    This is the only song from the album that has airplay so no way to know if the rest is dreck, but this is prime cut J&R meat. Yeah the lyrics and musical focus are a messy multi-genre potluck; a bit from each decade of Stonesdom, but it rocks as only they can do it. Love how Keith suddenly remembered how to do nasty, dirty rhythm geetard- he musta got some really good blood for his last replacement therapy. The intro guitar sounds like a long departed vintage Vox or even an old Gretsch hollow-body; tinny and metallic sounding but fat n’ filthy at the same time. Bravo Maestro! Mille bravi! I’ll be broken hearted and weep profusely if there is not more of the same to come. GRRR! indeed!

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