Hey you! Yeah, you! Over here!

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Jeremy Etc., a brand new internet sensation the likes of which the world has never seen. What exactly is Jeremy Etc. you ask? Well, to satisfy this keen inquiry, here are some frequently asked questions about the site that have never been asked before by anyone except me, just now.

Who are you?

Well, if you really wanna know, I am in fact Jeremy Winograd, the namesake of Jeremy Etc. I was born and raised in New York City and graduated from a small liberal arts college in Vermont. I currently live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My writing can be found in such fine publications as Rolling Stone.com, Time Out New York, Slant Magazine, Detroit’s Metro Times, Baseball Player Magazine and the Bennington Free Press. And right here, at this very URL!

What can be found on this website?

My writing. Mostly album reviews, reviewed as part of overviews of full artist catalogs a la the Web Reviewing Community (you can access a list of all the reviews I’ve published to date, organized alphabetically by artist, by visiting the “Reviews by Artist” page). But I also plan on posting other writing of mine – essays, blog posts, rants, anything I feel like typing up. You’ll also find a section dedicated to my own music.

Why did you start this website?

A few reasons. First, so I would have an impetus to write constantly and hone my skills. Second, to potentially attract the attention of people who would be willing to pay me for writing stuff. Third, to give me an excuse to listen to music constantly (like I wasn’t already) and then write about it, something I can do well and enjoy doing. Fourth, to follow in the footsteps of my internet hero Mark Prindle.

How did you name the site?

It’s a stupid pun on a Wilco song. Just try not to think about it too much.

How often will you update the site?

As often as possible. Ideally something new will go up every couple of days or so, but that all depends on how busy I am doing other things like screwing chicks, hanging out with rock stars, and, uh… homework.

What kinds of music will you review on the site?

Predictably, mostly rock ‘n roll from the 60’s to the present, with some probable excursions into folk, country, soul and blues. I listen to pretty much everything except top 40 pop (or much hip hop, but I’m working on that one), but my favorite music is or at least has touchstones in what you would probably term “classic rock.” If it helps give you an idea, some of my favorite bands/artists include, but are not limited to, the Rolling Stones, Drive-By Truckers, Bob Dylan, the Flaming Lips, David Bowie, the Who, the Raconteurs, Wilco, Lucero, the Hold Steady, and R.E.M. If you’d like to suggest an artist that you want me to review, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

What is your rating system for your album reviews?

I supplement my written reviews with letter grades for each individual album. I don’t think I have to explain it intricately to you; you’re not stupid. A is good, D is bad, and you can figure out the rest. Unlike some web reviewers, I don’t provide weighted artist grades, so the value of a grade for one artist is exactly the same as its value for another artist. Nor do I put a cap on the number of A+’s (or F’s) a given artist can receive.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

That Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream stuff. Mmmmmmmm.

Who is your least favorite person?


Is the Tea Party an honest expression of good, hardworking Americans who just want to “take their country back?”


Can you think of any more questions right now?

Nope. Enjoy the site!