Drive-By Truckers – Dragon Pants – EP

Dragon Pants – EP (2014)


1. Dragon Pants 2. Grandpa Rock City 3. Trying To Be The Boss 4. Rock Solid 5. Natural Light (Alternate First Take)


This “EP” is really just the downloadable bonus tracks that came with my preorder of English Oceans. DBT has since put it out on vinyl for Record Store Day. It’s short and not particularly consequential, so I’m gonna go Prindle on ya and just song-by-song this shit:

1. Dragon Pants – About Jimmy Page. The second stupidest song DBT has done since “The President’s Penis Is Missing.” I like it. “If I was Jimmy Page, I’d woo you with my double-necked guitar and my prowess… Drink my whiskey out of crystal glasses/Do cocaine off of strippers’ asses.” Haha.

2. Grandpa Rock City – The stupidest song DBT has done since “The President’s Penis Is Missing.” And yet, I love the shit out of it. Every line is a comedic gem. “He’s the rock star of his old folks home/Medicare makes sure he’s never alone.” GOD DANG OBUMMER GIVIN’ OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY TO LAZY WORTHLESS GERIATRIC HEATHEN ROCK STARS.

3. Trying To Be The Boss – Cooley doing a ridiculous soul vamp at home. Kinda funny but pales in comparison to the masterpiece “Your Woman Is A Livin’ Thing.”

4. Rock Solid – Just kind of a generic Patterson song. Nothing special.

5. Natural Light (Alternate First Take) – the rough first run-through of Cooley’s English Oceans honky tonk crooner, which, in Cooley’s own assessment, is “not that fuckin’ hard.”

Apparently “Dragon Pants” was originally supposed to be on English Oceans, but then Patterson wrote “Pauline Hawkins” at the last minute after getting inspired by a new novel he had just read by Willy Vlautin. That’s probably a good thing, since “Pauline Hawkins” and “Dragon Pants” is a catchy yet dumb novelty song, so I’d say English Oceans was greatly improved by this turn of events.

I got parakeets yesterday! I named one of them Cooley Bird. Which is appropriate, because when I played her “Primer Coat” she seemed to get pretty excited. Birds 4 DBT yo!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Cooley says that “Natural Light” IS fucking hard. “Not bad…not bad at all for a first run through a song that fuckin’ hard…” 😉

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