Five Random Top Fives #3

I haven’t done one of these in almost exactly a year! But I’ll be doing them much more regularly from now on. Yes siree, expect a lot more activity around these parts in the coming months! Ya hear? That goes for all of my readers! All three of you!

Top 5 Characters on The Wire

1. Omar
2. Clay Davis
3. McNulty
4. Bunk
5. Herc


Top 5 Cheap Ass Beers

1. PBR
2. Miller High Life
3. Coors
4. Rolling Rock
5. Genesee


Top 5 Least Notable Presidents

1. William Henry Harrison
2. John Tyler
3. Franklin Pierce
4. Warren G. Harding
5. Millard Fillmore


Top 5 White Stripes songs With The Word “Little” In The Title

1. Little Ghost
2. Little Bird
3. Little Room
4. Little Acorns
5. Little People


Top 5 Albums By Completely Insane Idiot Delusional Racist Psychopaths

1. Appetite For Destruction
2. Use Your Illusion I
3. Use Your Illusion II
4. Chinese Democracy
5. Cat Scratch Fever



  1. Robin wrote:

    Compiling these for BuzzFeed??

  2. victoid wrote:

    The Wire– who really cares?
    beers– PBR, Miller and Coors are all brands of a galactic corporate megalith, MillerCoorsExxonKillerz, and bear no resemblance to actual beer. They are barley sodas. Rolling Rock, guzzled by the dozen in my youth from the cherished 7 oz pony bottles were sold at bars in buckets of 10 for a buck or two. Now Anheuser-Busch-InBev-Halliburton has destroyed that hallowed brand and reduced it to sewer swill.
    And sweet Genessee, the low-brow house brand of all upstate New York (it was on tap in my dorm pub in Ithaca for a quarter a mug) is now a product of some Costa Rican muto-corp. These are no longer beer, they are profit generators for shareholders and executives. Consider that the next time you are slobbering drunk with a gut swollen from over consumption of these “products”.
    Presidents– If they are the least notable, why note them? And anyway Franklin Pierce was one of the worst presidents, but hardly among the least notable. As a northern Democrat with Southern sympathies his administration pushed through laws, acts and policies that inflamed the intractable regional conflicts to the point where the Civil War became inevitable (see the Kansas-Nebraska Act).

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