Ryan Adams – Demolition

Demolition (2002)


1. Nuclear 2. Hallelujah 3. You Will Always Be The Same 4. Desire 5. Cry On Demand 6. Starting To Hurt 7. She Wants To Play Hearts 8. Tennessee Sucks 9. Dear Chicago 10. Gimme A Sign 11. Tomorrow 12. Chin Up, Cheer Up 13. Jesus (Don’t Touch My Baby)


Originally intended to be a box set of all Ryan’s unreleased-to-that-point post-Heartbreaker material, Demolition is instead a single album-length compilation culled from these recordings. It features six tracks from The Pinkhearts Sessions, three each from 48 Hours and The Suicide Handbook, and one from The Swedish Sessions. Needless to say, these songs go about as well together as the Ayatollah and a pork chop sandwich. On the bright side, it introduced “Dear Chicago,” “Cry On Demand,” and “Hallelujah” to general public. On the dark side, it introduced “Starting To Hurt” to the general public. Please refer to my previous reviews for further descriptions of the music contained on this record album. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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