Five Random Top Fives

Hey, everybody. Apologies for the sporadic updates of late. It was the holidays, and now I’m busy at work, and blah blah blah. You know how it is. I’ll be back to posting semi-frequent reviews of a bunch of Ryan Adams albums nobody cares about soon enough. But until then, I was sitting here watching football wondering how to heighten my posting activity when I get into lulls like this, when I suddenly remembered that I saw High Fidelity on a plane like 6 months ago. So in honor of John Cusack’s penchant for list-making in that movie, which is pretty good as far as pre-Apatow romantic comedies go, I’m pleased to present:  Five Random Top Fives. I figure this could become a fairly regular feature at Jeremy Etc. to keep my regular readers satiated when I’m not posting much. You know who you are, hardcore fans – good people like “ugg boots outlet” and “pCkQtG,” who leave me dozens of comments a day!

Anyway, here are today’s Five Random Top Fives. These lists are compiled completely and utterly unscientifically, unless you consider “bullshit off the top of my head” scientific.

Top 5 Flaming Lips song titles

1. Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles
2. Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)
3. Spongebob And Patrick Face The Psychic Wall Of Energy
4. The Gleaming Armament Of Marching Genitalia
5. Talkin’ Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants To Live Forever) 

Top 5 New York-area athletes most hated by me (all-time)

1. Chuck Knoblauch
2. Mark Sanchez
3. Keith Van Horn
4. Ron Dayne
5. Alex Rodriguez

Top 5 Judd Apatow-affiliated movies

1. The 40-Year Old Virgin
2. Superbad
3. Anchorman
4. Knocked Up
5. Pineapple Express

Top 5 Chinese food menu items

1. Chicken Lo Mein
2. Chicken with mixed vegetables
3. Sesame noodles
4. Hot and sour soup
5. Steamed pork dumplings

Top 5 John Cusack movies I’ve never seen

1. Grosse Pointe Blank
2. Con Air
3. 2012
4. 1408
5. Must Love Dogs

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  1. victoid wrote:

    The Lips do sport some awesome non-sequitur song titles,
    but I advocate for Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma selections:
    “Careful with That Axe, Eugene”, and
    “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”

    Also worthy is a plethora of Zappavision titles, a few of which are:
    “The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet” (Mothers of Invention- Freak Out)
    “Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin” (Mothers- Absolutely Free)
    “Nasal Retentive Calliope Music ” and
    “The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny” (Mothers – We’re Only In It For The Money)
    “Dog Breath, In the Year of the Plague” (Mothers- Uncle Meat)
    “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask” (Mothers-Weasels Ripped My Flesh-
    which album title deserves mention on this list, and boasts the best cover art ever)
    “Peaches En Regalia” (Frank Zappa- Hot Rats)
    “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” (Zappa- Apostrophe)
    “The Illinois Enema Bandit ” (Zappa- Zappa In New York)

    I know that’s more than five, but having had a public school education has left me arithmetically challenged. What’s more, the best Zappa song titles could easily grow to a “top 100” list and still omit some mind-benders.
    It is patently unfair to compare anyone else’s titling skills to Frank. He really was the Master.

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