My new album

SEE! The exciting/horribly amateurish sounding new album by the Frontier, Engine 611!

HEAR! Topics sung about that include, but are not limited to, my maternal grandmother, date rape, Donald Trump, hepatitis, MMF threesomes, and Jesus.

FEEL! Apathy, probably.

Check it out in all its glory over at my Bandcamp page.

Album tracklist:

1. All I Have Is You
2. The Day You Were Born
3. Touch And Holler
4. Work For Me
5. Like Roses
6. Never Been To California
7. It Hardly Shows
8. This Train Will Not Leave The Station
9. In Your Prime
10. The Early Days

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  1. Robin wrote:

    Hmmm. Very interesting. May I have a lyric sheet, please? Nice picture.

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