Jonathan Coulton Nails It on Online Piracy

I’ve never heard any of Jonathan Coulton’s music, nor have I ever even seen a picture of him until I did a Google image search to find that picture up there (in which he kind of looks like a douche and/or one of my typical classmates at school, aged 10 years or so). But this morning I discovered a blog post he wrote a couple of weeks ago about the whole Megaupload shutdown fiasco. All the points he makes are spot on. I don’t think there’s anything I could add to what he writes so just check it out, and learn why online piracy probably doesn’t hurt artists as much as you might think. And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget that you can hear my music anytime–for FREE–on my Bandcamp page!

P.S. Incidentally, speaking of Google searches, anyone ever checked out their Google ad preferences profile? They think I’m a 55-64 year old man. Pray the same fate doesn’t befall you.

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